Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Its Editorial Time - End of 2014, Bring on the New Year!

2014 has been a great year! I can't wait for what 2015 will bring. Time to chat about goals for the new year. If you like 40k, Dark Eldar, BFG (spaceship combat?) Campaigns, Tournaments and Black Templars every once in a while. Mostly Battle Reports and Tactical Videos and other great Hobby content then this is the Blog for you! So, if you want to stay in touch you can:

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Ok, enough shameless self promotion but really, I appreciate the communities support. 

So, this year, the SkaredCast podcast was the victim. Life, wife, kid that sort of thing, gets in the way of our base passions. So! I have had to reel back a bit on the things that I can devote most of my "hobby" time to. The big Winner this year has been the Youtube Channel! I have a lot of fun making videos and folks seem to enjoy them, this is a great inspiration for me and gives me the drive to continue. I am having most fun filming the new Battle Reports, and It has been a blast to even bring out my old Black Templars for a spin! 

So. By the End of this year my goal is to double by subscriber base by the end of December 2015. To 8000 subs. I will be making more frequent and better quality videos as well as branching off from just pure "Dark Eldar" content. And thus, bring in more viewers. I aim to do another major contest when this happens. And I will be using the revenue that I am getting from Google Ads to put back into the channel and help promote it. 

I am running the Barrie Bash (a 40k tournament) on Feb 28th in Barrie Ontario Canada. It is the first event that will count for the ITC tournament circuit 2015! the player pack can be found on the Facebook Page HERE. So check that out if you are close to Toronto, or feel like traveling to a cool, well run and well supported with prizes event!

I will aim to blog at least once a week. I am thinking a weekly editorial, on current events, things that I am going to be working on, and ideas for the future, so, feel free to leave me a comment or what not, id appreciate the feedback! 

Well. Thanks a lot for reading, here is to a great 2015! 
Skari - out 


  1. Hey skari. I've learned a lot of little tips that I feel like most other newest players wouldn't know about. For instance in your last bat rep, you mentioned bubble wrapping an objective to deny your opponent an objective at end game. That's something I would never think of doing on my own. Would be great to see you do vids or blog posts on General tactics like this specifically. I feel like your knowledge of the game is higher than normal!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the comment, I do have a lot of ideas for the channel and blog. Just a matter of getting it all done :P. Would you prefer video form or written up?

  2. I hear you about time constraints so I guess whatever is easier for you! I feel like YouTube might get more exposure. But sometimes I feel like General tactics is better conveyed through text and pictures.