Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Update!

Hi fellow Skarites.

I will be updating the Blog on a monthly basis. Just a place for me to organize my thoughts and sort of share what I am up to and my general thoughts with the online world. Some will see, some wont... so its OK.

I have been working super hard getting my Buisness (marketing and sales) off the ground! Running a buisness is hard work, so I really dont have a "regular" life at the moment... so less gaming, time with family... and what not.

I have played AoS a few times and LOVE it. My tomb kings have received some love and they are happy to get some tabletime.

I finally got another game in with my Dark Eldar! It has been a while, and I was able to make it a battle report for the channel. I feel like I have neglected the channel, and it shows with my viewership dropping drastically... but oh well. I expect that with some more regular content and revamping my tactica series with an all new segment on the Eldar codex and units I will hit the target 8K subscribers by the end of the year!

Well that is all I have for now. Thanks for reading.

Skari - out.