Friday, June 8, 2012

6th Edition Teaser from GW!

If you have been in a cave then you will have missed that GW released a teaser video for 6th edition with the 23rd of this month on it... now, for the cron video this meant that was the date that the pre-releases went up... so we shall see! If you havent seen the vid already click on this link to go to youtube

In other news. Thanks to all who have been commenting and sending in emails with the contest entry requirements! (if you are curious check out the contest deets on Episode 10 of the podcast). And we have a new sponsor on board for the contest, 40K Nation itself. Awesome.

In the podcast I had spoken of a lack of events in the area for June 9th, tomorrow. Thanks to Tristan for sending the link for conquest toronto it is a team based 40K tournament. Check the site out and maybe plan for a team to go down next year?

Anyhow, this is a small update for you all!

Skari - out.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Archon - PIC

Here is an updated picture of my archon. Better light etc. Of course you can find more frequently and in depth content on my podcast (and main blog site).



Monday, June 4, 2012

Skared Podcast - Episode 10 (6th ed, contest and more), Hobby WIP

6th Edition, contest details, and suplementing your wargame!

The Podcast Episode 10

As well as on the Hobby Table:


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Battle Report Bonanza! - Newest June 2nd

Newest Batrep June 2nd:

Batrep 16 - 1500 - Space Marines vs Dark Eldar New June 2nd - Astronomicon Test 1

So I thought id post here and let you guys all know when I add another one. Enjoy, and make sure to subscribe, like, comment and share as this helps the channel out as well as keeps me motivated to do more.

Batrep Archive:

Batrep 1 - 1850 - Dark Eldar vs Space Marines

Batrep 2 - 1850 - Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves

Batrep 3 - 2200 - Tomb Kings vs High Elves.

Batrep 4 - 1850 - Black Templars tournament report (from back in the spellbinder days)

Batrep 5 - 2000 - Wood Elves vs VC (guest batrep).

Batrep 6 - 1850 - Space Marines vs GK and vs SM (guest tournament recap batrep).

Batrep 7 - Apocalypse!

Batrep 8- 1500 - Dark Eldar vs Space Marines

Batrep 9 - 1500 - Dark Eldar vs Space Marines

Batrep 10 - 1500 - Dark Eldar vs Space Marines

Batrep 11 - 1500 - Orks! vs Dark Eldar - April 26th

Batrep 12 - 1500 - Tau! vs Dark Eldar - May4th

Batrep 13 - 1500 - Tau vs Dark Eldar New May11th - The Rematch

Batrep 14 - 1500 - Grey Knights vs Dark Eldar New May22nd - Double Feature!

Batrep 15 - 2500 - Space Marines vs Dark Eldar, painted. May 29th

part 1, overview, army lists and mission

part 2, the game and final overview


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