Monday, December 15, 2014

The Warhammer 40k 10k in 10 Challenge! - December Update.

Hello and welcome to SkaredCast! - Today a hobby post that showcases 10,000 points of Dark Eldar, Eldar and Corsairs!. The 10k in 10 Challenge is one that my friend Pete and I are doing. We are to complete this massive undertaking and finish the miniatures for the weekend of March the 28th! So we have three months and change left for this huge task. I have been busy getting all my stuff done for the game.

We will be broadcasting the MEGA apoc battle on my youtube channel (subscribe HERE if you have not already) I also have update videos for the challenge posted as well.

Here is a cool pic of what is on my Hobby Table for this awesome challenge.
Wish me luck!
Thanks for tuning in.
Skari - out.

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