Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dark Eldar in BattleFleet Gothic - First Game of 2015!

I had a game of BFG (Battle Fleet Gothic) and I liked it!

BFG is an un-supported by GW, specialist game that allows players to enact the space ship battles of the year 40,000. Deep and dark space. Its a lot of FUN!

Jason and I played a pair of cruisers (mid sized ships) against each other. I was playing my Dark Eldar fleet, a pair of "torturer" class cruisers against a grand cruiser and a regular cruiser (the names escape me).

It was a basic mission- a cruiser clash. The Dark Eldar won the roll to deploy, one cruiser on each flank, the chaos follow suit, the Nurgle marked admiral in his Plague grand cruiser surveying the Dark Kin's ships. It was their move, they were far away and the cumbersome chaos ships waited for them to move into the guns optimum ranges.

The dark eldar moved full speed ahead and the pirate flagship targeted the smaller chaos cruiser while the secondary cruiser moved into a supporting role. The firing was not impressive, with the lances simply blasting a shield with energy blasts.

In retaliation, the Dark Eldar flagship received the full brunt of both chaos capital ships, the ensuing broadsides left the ship crippled and limping with a damaged engine room!

In spectacular fashion, the remaining Dark Eldar cruiser 'Torture' targetted the Smaller Chaos cruiser with locked down weapons.

The gun batteries blasting the shields down and ripping into the ships hull, the phantom lances causing so much damage that the ship burst into flames and became a flaming hulk. Useless, and floating in the void. The ship drifted away from the main fighting, until the plasma drives overheated and the ship exploded. None of the other ships were affected.

The Nurgle Warmaster, raged at the loss of his cohort, focused his hatred against this new foe. With another well aimed barrage, the chaos grand cruiser blasted the Smaller Dark Eldar ship, and crippled it as well!

Meanwhile, on the edge of space. The dark eldar flagship repaired its engines, just in time to get back into the action. Powering as much as it could to its main armament both Dark Eldar ships turned to face the Bloated floating puss filled ship. Sporradic fire pierced the forcefields and left scorch marks upon the hull.

Relenting from the barrage, the Chaos Admiral moved in for the kill. Targeting the Dark Eldar command ship, blasting it, critically damaging it by hitting the bridge and killing all inside. The Dark Eldar vessel was now useless, drifting helplessly in space.

The remaining Dark Eldar vessel gave swift pursuit, unable to stay out of the arc of the chaos guns, stripping rotten bits from the corrupt vessel. The Chaos cruiser eventually silencing the dark eldar guns.

The, wounded, but victorious Chaos fleet offering up their spoils to their Rot - God.

Hope you enjoyed the report!
Thanks for reading - the next one will have pictures!

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