Thursday, August 6, 2015

SkaredCast on Patreon! - A community pledge service for Content Creators.

Welcome to the Skaredcast blog! Some of you might have seen my tactical videos, battle reports and other online content for the warhammer 40k (mainly) system over various years now. I am appealing to the community. If you would like to see how it works:
My Patrons will have early access to videos, small perks in having a say as to the various content created, and as well other cool determined perks!

My first goal is to remove all the Youtube Adds from the channel. You can visit the skaredcast patreon page as well for more specific blogposts, WIP's and other content as well!

Cheers! And thanks for watching.

Skari - out

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Update!

Hi fellow Skarites.

I will be updating the Blog on a monthly basis. Just a place for me to organize my thoughts and sort of share what I am up to and my general thoughts with the online world. Some will see, some wont... so its OK.

I have been working super hard getting my Buisness (marketing and sales) off the ground! Running a buisness is hard work, so I really dont have a "regular" life at the moment... so less gaming, time with family... and what not.

I have played AoS a few times and LOVE it. My tomb kings have received some love and they are happy to get some tabletime.

I finally got another game in with my Dark Eldar! It has been a while, and I was able to make it a battle report for the channel. I feel like I have neglected the channel, and it shows with my viewership dropping drastically... but oh well. I expect that with some more regular content and revamping my tactica series with an all new segment on the Eldar codex and units I will hit the target 8K subscribers by the end of the year!

Well that is all I have for now. Thanks for reading.

Skari - out.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Barrie Bash! First Event on the ITC 2015 circuit has come and gone - Review.

Hello! And welcome to a tournament review. 

Me (Skari) with the help of others, just finished running the Third Annual Barrie Bash. A 34 person RTT that is the First event on the ITC circuit for 2015! What a blast. 

This is a quick written review of the event, what we saw and also some pictures that we can all enjoy. First off if you dont know about the ITC go HERE to check out the listings rules and what not.
The 3rd Annual Barrie Bash was held at Sir Games A Lot in Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Facebook Page) . On a nice cold, sunny saturday morning, the players began to arrive, eager and bug eyed to play some games.  The hall was set, 17 tables ready to go! this makes the Barrie Bash one of the largest single events in the region. So! Following the ITC format the armies were made with a 1500pt limit, and a limit of 3 detachments (rather than just the two). This made for some interesting combinations, although only one player used all three detachments... they added an assassin to their list, and that callidus sure made a stink all tournament long!

The Armies:

There were 13 different primary armies present:
- Imperial Knights
- Dark Eldar
- Eldar
- Necrons
- Tyrannids
- Orks
- Sisters Of Battle
- Space Marines
- Inquisition
- Chaos Space Marines
- Deamons of Chaos
- Tau
- Space Wolves

This made for a great variety of armies. Also, the player base was brought from all over! North players travelled from Sudbury, Ontario (3 hours north) and from London, Ontario (3.5hrs south). But if there was one thing that categorized the event it would have to be the numbed of knights present!

This one above was just a small portion of the Knights present, although faced with this much heavy metal the players were not phased, knowing that generalship would be the deciding factor! It was nice to see so many different armies, the Barrie Bash also recognizes the "Best Of" each army, so this encouraged players to bring less "popular" armies to try and be the best of the best at their chosen craft. It was nice to see the well painted armies that were on display! The top of the top looking armies all got to be on parade at the event and players each cast their votes towards their favourites. 
So with the spirit of true competition the gamers prepared for a day of gaming!

The Games:

The Barrie Bash is a 4 round, one day event. The first round, players have the opportunity to declare a Grudge Match! Only one was issued. And with such proceedings the games began! Being a TO and having some others help with the paperwork it was nice to also act as a reporter for the event being able to take video and pictures of the hall, the games and the different armies as well as walk to the tables and engage in small talk, or be there when crazy stuff happened on the tables! Here are some captured moments:
The Eldar host from the third best overall, looking good, and making sure he deployed far away from the Tyrannid army of mawlock doom!
The Sisters of battle in this picture had the support of a Knight! The number of cool minis and Forgeworld bling was amazing, and this was the Best Sisters of Battle player present at the event!
This gorgeous army of Eldar and Knights was at the LVO last weekend as well! Ended up about 100th place or so... and did OK at the Bash, the double rare knight threw alot of people off tho but it was gorgeous and a pleasure to see on the table. 
Tyrannids had a good showing at the Bash as well! With very different army types, from Zoanthrope spam, to Hierodules... to a hybrid lictor + mawlock list that was similar to the lictor shame that won the LVO. 
Necrons were also a force to be reckoned with, with each necron army running some form of a Decurion Detachment. The Vault and of course a metric shit load of wraiths. 
Not one opponent of CJ was able to kill the Vault! Not one... the closest anyone got was bringing it down to one hullpoint. 
The Wraiths! So many wraiths... 
And then of course... knights, knights and more knights... 
Adlance with a rare gatling gun knight.
And then! When knights collide... BAM. Hehehe. This is when it got fun this game. 

There where also some newer players, that had their first tournament experience at this event! And it was really cool to see them having so much fun and really, that is what makes the tournament scene grow and its great for the hobby. 

Community Support:

One of my favourite things about running a community driven event is the support that the community will give to help drive the event to be successful. The Barrie Bash had a lot of help from Sir Games Alot, the store but also prizes donated by other members of the community and even Painting Services, like Slap Dash Minis that sent a cool studio painted raider! 


Best General - $170
Best General - $120
Best Sport  - $100
Best Presentation - $100
the 13 Best of Army awards - $15dls each.
4x$20 Door Prizes 
1 x New 3 Book 40k 7th Edition Rulebook (Donated)
1 x Raider (Donated)
1x$20 Wooden Spoon Award. 

All the money that comes in from the players from the entries goes out in store vouchers for prizes! So, as the tournament grows so will the prize base. We had a lot of fun and id say that this sets off the ITC with a BANG for 2015. Thanks to the work that Reece and Frankie for all the work they do for us TO's and with the work and effort that they put into the format that we use. Its easy to replicate and I love being a part of this international community. 

Next Year! :

We are already planning for next year. The date will be the last Saturday of FEB 2016. Make sure you put a note in your calendar! And plan a trip to the snowy white north that is Canada. 

Im Skari. I do have a youtube channel, battle reports, tactical and hobby videos. Go over there and check it out!

Skari - out

Friday, February 13, 2015

40k Battle Report - Astra Militarum vs Dark Eldar - Tactics and Game!

The Astra Militarum - the hammer of the emperor. They have been attacked by darkness and shadow. The battle climaxes! And the imperial guard attempt to throw all they have against the Alien and Xenos.
Im on a quest to hit 8k subs by the end of the year! Show your support by commenting and liking!


Skari - out

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Its Sunday! - Editorial Time - Necrons, Channel and more News

It is Sunday. Time for me to discuss a few things that have mattered to me this week in gaming. A few things that I have on my mind as well as plans and what not.

The First Thing on my mind has been a plan for the Youtube Channel. (you can visit it HERE). I have been doing Battle Reports, Tacticas, Hobby and Collecting videos as well as other things. But! Sadly I can only do like one video a week, maybe two... So, I have to make sure that the videos that I  release are worth the time.
In the works I have the first ever BFG (Battle Fleet Gothic) battle report that will feature my Dark Eldar fleet vs Evan and his Space Marines. It was a fun game and the format is a bit different than the regular 40k batreps that I have released.

The Dark Eldar in space have been fun to explore. They dont have the survivability of some of the other races... but they do pack a punch when it comes to doing some damage when they get the alpha strike. So far, having a blast.

The Second Thing on my mind are the new Necrons! So far I am loving the new rumours and what it seems that the army will be able to do. Streamlining the army and making it more in line with the other codexes and armies that have been released recently. So! There are a few dedicated necron players in my area so we shall see how they are affected by it.

Image from Beasts of War:

Time will tell.

Well, I have spoken. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a msg or comment or email ! I love your feedback. I am trying to make two posts a week on the blog to make it worth following at least. The new year has been fun with the transition from the old podcast page to this...

Well, cheers!
Skari - out.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ancient Enemies! - 40k Battle Report - NECRONS vs Dark Eldar - 1500pts Malestrom

The End of an eon is upon us. The Necron menace is to undergo a transformation. The Old Codex is a gonner, in with the new! The three forms of playable Eldar in the 40k universe face off against the ancient Necron Menace! In this Very fun and fluffy battle report. Enjoy:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Battle Fleet Gothic! - Second Game with Dark Eldar - 40k Fleet Tactics and Hobby

The Dark Eldar are a piratical race in the warhammer 40k universe. And I have been learning how to use them in the depths of space combat within the game of Battle Fleet gothic! I have been gearing up a small but hard hitting fleet and I thought it would be a good idea to show it off.
This is my 750 pt fleet. It comprises a Torture class Carrier ,  3 Impailer Escorts, 3 Lance escorts and a "Succubus" class light cruiser.
I have also been working on some conversions for the fleet. There are some really cool tutorials online if you look for them.
So these are the basis for a couple more cruisers to play larger games. So! What do you Think?
We have also played a few games with the new fleet as well. I have filmed them and will be posting some battle reports on the youtube channnel HERE. My Goal is to reach 8000 subscribers on the youtube channel by the end of the Year and im currently at 4700, head over there for more cool 40k tactics and other hobby videos as well.

I played a small 400 pt game last time, this time Evan and I played a 750pt Game.

He ran a space marine army:
4!!!!! strike cruisers... nasty. They are slow, but they hit HARD and have amazing armour, and are all round fantastic ships. With good leadership.

The game was a blast. We had to call it early, the Dark Eldar were only slightly ahead in victory points, and thus, a draw was called. The Dark Eldar performed well, a good use of some initial mimic engine use put some great pressure on the marines. In future games I have to make sure I use more of the escort size ships as they are quite handy to have and move fast, and can use asteroid fields to their advantage.

Well. Thanks for reading!
Skari - out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dark Eldar in BattleFleet Gothic - First Game of 2015!

I had a game of BFG (Battle Fleet Gothic) and I liked it!

BFG is an un-supported by GW, specialist game that allows players to enact the space ship battles of the year 40,000. Deep and dark space. Its a lot of FUN!

Jason and I played a pair of cruisers (mid sized ships) against each other. I was playing my Dark Eldar fleet, a pair of "torturer" class cruisers against a grand cruiser and a regular cruiser (the names escape me).

It was a basic mission- a cruiser clash. The Dark Eldar won the roll to deploy, one cruiser on each flank, the chaos follow suit, the Nurgle marked admiral in his Plague grand cruiser surveying the Dark Kin's ships. It was their move, they were far away and the cumbersome chaos ships waited for them to move into the guns optimum ranges.

The dark eldar moved full speed ahead and the pirate flagship targeted the smaller chaos cruiser while the secondary cruiser moved into a supporting role. The firing was not impressive, with the lances simply blasting a shield with energy blasts.

In retaliation, the Dark Eldar flagship received the full brunt of both chaos capital ships, the ensuing broadsides left the ship crippled and limping with a damaged engine room!

In spectacular fashion, the remaining Dark Eldar cruiser 'Torture' targetted the Smaller Chaos cruiser with locked down weapons.

The gun batteries blasting the shields down and ripping into the ships hull, the phantom lances causing so much damage that the ship burst into flames and became a flaming hulk. Useless, and floating in the void. The ship drifted away from the main fighting, until the plasma drives overheated and the ship exploded. None of the other ships were affected.

The Nurgle Warmaster, raged at the loss of his cohort, focused his hatred against this new foe. With another well aimed barrage, the chaos grand cruiser blasted the Smaller Dark Eldar ship, and crippled it as well!

Meanwhile, on the edge of space. The dark eldar flagship repaired its engines, just in time to get back into the action. Powering as much as it could to its main armament both Dark Eldar ships turned to face the Bloated floating puss filled ship. Sporradic fire pierced the forcefields and left scorch marks upon the hull.

Relenting from the barrage, the Chaos Admiral moved in for the kill. Targeting the Dark Eldar command ship, blasting it, critically damaging it by hitting the bridge and killing all inside. The Dark Eldar vessel was now useless, drifting helplessly in space.

The remaining Dark Eldar vessel gave swift pursuit, unable to stay out of the arc of the chaos guns, stripping rotten bits from the corrupt vessel. The Chaos cruiser eventually silencing the dark eldar guns.

The, wounded, but victorious Chaos fleet offering up their spoils to their Rot - God.

Hope you enjoyed the report!
Thanks for reading - the next one will have pictures!